[Rael Mora writes]

On December 10, on the 71st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the National Human Rights Coordinator of Peru (CNDDHH) presented the 2019 Journalism and Human Rights Award to Wayka The prize was presented in the «Mario Vargas Llosa» Auditorium of the National Library of Peru.

These CNDDHH awards recognize «those who have stood out in defense of the unrestricted validity of human rights and democratic institutions in our country.» In addition to the Journalism and Human Rights Award that Wayka received, the organization also confers the Angel Escobar Jurado National Human Rights Award, and Special Mentions.

The CNDDHH explained that «through the digital portal wayka.pe, the community has access to truthful and independent information regarding cases related to the fight against corruption, the rights of indigenous peoples, gender equality, non-discrimination, and labor rights, among other important issues.»

Founded in 2014, Wayka has been working independently to publish research, audiovisual productions, special coverage, infographics, and interviews that prioritize giving voice to social movements that do not have spaces in traditional media.

On behalf of Wayka, we thank our followers for choosing us as one of their main media sources for information and interactions. We also thank the CNDDHH for the award that recognizes our commitment to work in defense of human rights.

Finally, we thank our former team members Diana García, Paul Maquet, Claudia De la Fuente, Bruce Valladares, Katya Zevallos, Osvaldo Palacios, Gonzalo Villamonte, Diego Ventocilla, Daniela Goto, Sergio Zanabria, Valeria Vicente and Carla Díaz –  as well as all the people who have collaborated with Wayka, including Cruz Silva, César Cornejo, Carlos Bedoya, Lucia Alvites, Mirtha Vazquez, Cesar Moreno, Pedro Francke, Pedro Dinos Chauca, Patricia Lachira, Eduardo Tejada, José Saldaña, Luis Esparza, Angelica Motta, Alexandro Sacco, Kely Alfaro, Mónica Delgado, Carlos Mejía, Glatzer Tuesta, Eduardo Abusada, Rafael Salgado, Rafael Mora, Pilar Montalvo, Diana Santana, Dee Redwine, Iana Málaga, Ángel Paez, Fabiola Carrión, Juan Carlos Zavaleta, Francisco Chávez, Rolando Toledo, Jorge Agurto, Ricardo Granda, Cesar Aquino, Maggie Bustinza, Cesar Lama, Milton Sánchez, Monica Coronado, Sitara Thobani, Jose Zegarra, Joe Collins, Chrissy Cattle, Francesca Mott, and Georgia Windus for their time and dedication to Wayka.

The curren Wayka team includes Luciana Távara, Gabriela Modesto, Álvaro Meneses, Ángel Pineda, Amanda Meza, Juan Zapata, Graciela Tiburcio, Roxana Loarte, Lucero Ascarza, Julio Lopez, Jazmín Moscoso, Carlos Orbegozo, Maira Chagua, Nicole Valera y  Rael Mora.